Email marketing company in Patna

Achievers IT Solutions is the best email marketing company in Patna (India) and its services enable a wide spectrum of people to strengthen their relationships with all your customers. In addition, it aims to build compulsory loyalty in retaining customers. Before adopting email marketing, almost all companies were busy sending promotional messages through the standard mail system, which was distributed to millions of mailboxes across the country. Ficuslot private limited is a bulk email marketing company based in Patna, India. We offer the best email marketing services in India to grow your business and create leads. We use the best email marketing tools to create email campaigns and track their progress. The main feature of the tool is to create, send and manage custom surveys.

You can customize the page by adding images, hyperlinks, table linens, and other basic formatting features. Easily upload your email list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and more. Turn website visitors into email subscribers by adding a sign-up form to your website or sharing a link to your form on social media. This is an easy, fast and affordable way to send monthly newsletters, special offers, invitations, and social posts that deliver your message.

We are Bihar's leading email marketing provider for sending emails and have a stop to all your email servers, email marketing, online email campaigns, email marketing programs, templates, and all other email marketing services in Patna.

Contact us to get the best, cheapest, and most efficient bulk email marketing agency in Patna and gain access to unlimited email marketing opportunities for your online business. Achievements IT Solutions is one of the leading email marketing agencies in Patna that helps you to elevate your business's search engine rankings with organic strategies.

em in patna
em in patna

Email Marketing Pricing

With Elastic Email, you can expect the best quality and price ratio available in the market. The Unlimited plan is ideal for small businesses and beginners, but it still offers many great features that will be useful as your needs get bigger.

If you are looking for closer collaboration, more sophisticated options, and innovative solutions - Unlimited Pro would be a good choice. Ideal for experienced users. Check out the details below and choose the plan that works best for you.

Users like elastic email:

New in Elastic Email? Welcome to our community! We have been expanding our services for almost 10 years. Constantly improving and adding new and useful features. Customers appreciate the quality of our products and show it.

We set our development goals based on the feedback that comes from our reputable customer support, which is available to everyone 24/7.


• Branding

• Drag and Drop

• Formatting

• HTML Message

• Can be Sent 24*7*365 days

• Image and Links

• Cost-Effective

em in patna
em in patna

Inspirational template designs

Our bulk email service in Patna is comprised of creative professionals trying to capture email template designs with a creative concept that ensures optimal optimization of your brand image. We are also ready to build personalized landing pages and emails rich in user experiences.

Continuous track and report process

We have a comprehensive tracking and reporting process to monitor the implementation of bulk e-mailing strategies to determine the success of the campaign. The performance of an e-mail campaign is measured by analytical tools that include various aspects such as usage, hard and soft bounce, trends, subscriptions, clicks, and page openings.

Resistant Advertising Campaigns

A defensive e-mail marketing ad will communicate, deliberately share ideas, gain loyal customers, and increase the campaign's investment returns with profitable data. E-mail marketing strategies are important not only for e-commerce websites but also for builders, corporates, and marketers alike.

em in patna