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Work with thebest social media marketing company in Patna and help us create a loyal fan base for you. We know that, there are lot of social media marketing agencies are available in patna. The one of the most reputed social media marketing agency in patna is Ficuslot private limited company. Most of the social media marketing service in patna is shown below:

SEO services

We at Ficuslot private limited, a digital marketing company based in Patna, believe that quality search engine marketing should be more customer-centric. This includes everything from site navigation and usability, to title tags and meta, to making sure your images are well-optimized and your site loads fast. We will find any issues as part of our initial technical SEO audit, depending on your preferences, we can implement any changes we need or guide your team through this process with clear suggestions and recommendations. SEO services will place your website on the leading pages of Google and other search engines.

PPC Services

Not all businesses can wait for organic SEO to work. Therefore, we offer well-researched, well-maintained, and measurable results provided by PPC campaigns. We control the campaigns for your business in Google Adwords so that your ads reach the largest audience. When everyone promises that your ad will be released, our digital marketing agency in Patna tries to ensure that your ad not only gets pop-ups but also clicks and conversions. We use highly targeted PPC strategies to get the right people with the right demographics to interact with you on Google. We auction off your ad in the sidebar and guide your potential customers to your landing page or show your ad on the timeline and confirm your social media presence.

Website development

How fast is your website? We test this with the Google Page Speed ​​Tester. You will see that you are getting mobile and desktop scores. Site speed and mobile-friendliness now go hand in hand. Two factors determine the speed of your site: server speed and web page load time. The speed of the server hosting your website has a huge impact on how fast your web page loads. Shared hosting is detrimental to your site because you share server resources with others. Your business reputation is your website. A strong first impression can be the first step in a lifelong relationship.

smm in patna

Social media marketing

First and foremost, social media marketing in Patna is for you, to select people, and target you for your online marketing campaigns, even with limited investment. Second, people always use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Therefore, ficuslot - the best digital marketing company in Patna offers strategic social media marketing services that can help you have a significant impact on your leads and bring them into long-term relationships. In other words, we create content, manage ads and synchronize your online presence to build brand power, strengthen your customer support and create a community committed to you.

Email marketing

Our tried and tested methodologies can help your business gain more leads, nurture incoming customers and bring people back to your website. After all, email marketing helps you connect with people who only want to buy your product from you and build a strong foundation for your customer-friendly business. Therefore, we develop email marketing strategies, create custom email copies, keep track of progress, analyze results through tested tools and improve your ROI

smm in patna

Website design

You need to transform your lead when a website with attractive, clear design, smooth navigation, and excellent loading speed lands on your website. So, our web developers and designers help you achieve those goals in affordable packages. More than 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly then 30% of them will go back and visit your opponent's website. Our digital marketing agency in Patna allows you to design your website in a unique style that is easy to load and operate on all shapes and sizes of devices, turning your leads into customers while you sleep.

What sets us apart from other digital marketing companies in Patna?

Experienced team

At Ficuslot- Digital Marketing Agency in Patna, we have managers for each team, we have over 50 employees and each employee is an expert in their field. Our team works together to provide effective marketing solutions for your business.

Daily and weekly monthly progress report

Our team reports about your project weekly and monthly and shows you how to grow. At Ficuslot-Digital Marketing Company, Patna, we believe that your success is our success and your satisfaction is our reward.

smm in patna
smm in patna

Guaranteed result

Our digital marketing agency in Patna supports all our services with our 100% money-back guarantee, which indicates that if we fail to deliver on the promise of our services, we will refund your money in direct proportion to our shortage. Keyword delivery as per our agreement.

24 * 7 Support

Our team is always there to help you anytime, anywhere! We use paid tools: We always use paid tools to get the best and most accurate results for your business, such as AHrefs and Grammarly Premium. Shutterstock and Yost SEO.